Experience Four Events All In One Place! Meet Our Collaborating Partners.

The Kombucha Kup Award of Excellence event by the Kombucha Brewers International, will take place at Craft Beverage Expo & Conference and Tasting & Tap Room Expo.

The competition is set for May 6th, with the award ceremony following on May 7th during the “Pour for Your Peers” reception. This celebration is in collaboration with the Craft Beverage Expo and the Tasting & Tap Room Expo, promising an unforgettable experience for craft beverage aficionados.

KBI members and those participating in the Kombucha Kup awards represent a passionate community who celebrate the art and science of kombucha brewing.

Craft Beverage Expo & Conference and Tasting & Tap Room Expo attendees will have access to even more opportunities to connect with a unique group of 100+ craft beverage professionals in the kombucha community. Register to attend the Expo for free, and gain access to this exciting awards event!

You'reI Invited to the KKup Awards Tuesday, May 7th

Enjoy Gourmet Delights at Chef's Warehouse Culinary Reno/Tahoe Expo While You Are in Reno

The Chef’s Warehouse Culinary Reno/Tahoe Expo will be packed with the finest local and imported specialty purveyors under the sun at the Convention Center in a hall near us at the Tasting & Tap Room Expo and Craft Beverage Expo & Conference.
Chef’s Warehouse Culinary Reno/Tahoe Expo will be open on May 7 from 11 am – 4 pm.
Register for your complimentary invitation and explore the Chef’s Warehouse culinary extravaganza and gain access to FOUR events at NO COST!

*Registration is required for the Chef’s Warehouse event and is free – complete your registration as a prospective customer.