Brad Brunson

Ambassador Award

Sponsored by Amorim Cork, the 2024 Brad Brunson Ambassador Award was established to honor the enduring legacy and unwavering passion for the spirits industry of Brad Brunson, who was a visionary in the craft beverage industry. This prestigious accolade celebrates individuals who mirror Brad’s exceptional dedication to connection, innovation, quality, design and sustainability in the crafting of beverages.

The award seeks to inspire current and future generations to pursue excellence with passion and integrity, echoing Brad’s impact on the industry and beyond.

Criteria for Selection

Nominees for The Brad Brunson Craft Beverage Ambassador Award must exhibit outstanding achievements in several or all of the following areas:
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Innovation, Design and Creativity

Demonstrating groundbreaking techniques, flavors, or concepts in the craft beverage industry. The nominee should have a track record of pushing boundaries and setting new standards related to packaging and the role it plays in brand recognition.
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Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Exhibiting a strong commitment to sustainable practices, including but not limited to, resource conservation, waste reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes.
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Community Engagement and Education

Actively engaging with and contributing to the community, whether through educational initiatives, local events, or support for charitable causes. The nominee should demonstrate leadership in fostering a culture of inclusivity and learning within the craft beverage industry.
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Industry Impact and Leadership

Showing a profound influence on the craft beverage scene, through mentorship, advocacy, or by paving the way for others. The individual should be recognized as a leader who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the industry.