Alice Achayo

Founder of the Wine Linguist

My name is Alice Achayo. I am the founder of the Wine Linguist. A business I started recently that focuses on expanding the wine language through global cuisines. Having worked in different parts of the wine industry over the last last 6 years, I wanted to change what I saw was lacking: representation of the global majority’s language, culture, and cuisine. For far too long the wine language has been centered around Eurocentric and Western society. This is one of the many reasons why wine has always been intimidating, exclusive, and uninviting. While there are various ways to diversify the industry, a core focus of the Wine Linguist will be on global cuisine and wine pairing. For me the beauty of the wine language is that it relies on our individual sensory memories. Foods we’ve grown up eating and the scents that surrounded us, play a massive role in our wine vocabularies. Exposing our palate to other cultures’ cuisines will allow for us to learn new ways to talk about wine that is more inclusive and relatable to the majority.

Expand your palate. Expand your wine language.

Alice Achayo is a member of the SommCon Advisory Board